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Got Water?
Vortex Drought ShieldSM, Insurance for the Corn Industry
Significant drought occurs somewhere every year.
Reduced rainfall can reduce your corn yield. It is frustrating to see your corn yields disappear when you have invested good money and your best skills in the crop. Now you can insure against low rainfall that can lead to reduced yield!

The Vortex Drought Shield insurance policy helps protect against lost revenue or increased expense associated with a reduction in rainfall. Drought Shield provides business entities, both growers and non-growers alike, that rely on corn production with the ability to purchase insurance coverage for a lack of rainfall.

Innovative Technology
The Vortex Drought Shield uses a Rainfall Index similar to that used in the USDA Risk Management Agency’s (RMA) Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage program. The Drought Shield Rainfall Index is a simple percentage of historical average rainfall calculated using National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center (NOAA CPC) gridded (.25 X .25 degree) daily estimates across the country. Using this definition, if the observed NOAA CPC rainfall for a specific grid was 8.00 inches, and the historic average was 10.00 inches, then the Rainfall Index would be 0.80 (8.00 inches / 10.00 inches).

Unlike the RMA’s Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage program, Vortex Drought Shield insurance policies are offered anywhere in the U. S. and can be purchased anytime throughout the year, provided the policy is purchased at least 15 days prior to the beginning of the coverage period.
Vortex Drought Shield Benefits
  • Available to all business entities with crop risk.

  • No sales deadlines - you may purchase anytime up to 15 days before insurance coverage begins.
  • No requirement for yield history and production records.
  • No pre-defined coverage period intervals. You choose the insurance period up to one year in duration.
  • Policies written with a highly-rated domestic insurance carrier.
  • No annual acreage reporting necessary.
  • May be purchased as supplement to RMA insurance or as stand-alone coverage.
  • Offered anyplace in the contiguous United States.
  • You choose the dollar amount of insurance.
  • Any claim payment due for a covered loss is made promptly after coverage period ends.
  • Daily rainfall caps available – reduces the impact of large rainfalls on calculations of average and observed values.
How It Works
A Drought Shield policy includes your choice of two Index levels; the upper Rainfall Index level at which payment begins, and the lower Rainfall Index level at which the limit of insurance is reached. The claim payment is then calculated based on the amount that the observed Rainfall Index is below your chosen upper level, subject to the limit of insurance. Therefore, if a $100,000 limit policy were purchased with an upper Index level of 0.90 and a lower level of 0.40, and the observed Index was 0.60 (60% of average rainfall), a claim payment of $60,000 would be paid (see table).

Sample Policy
Rainfall IndexCalculated Claim

Actual claim payments are calculated using Rainfall Index increments of 0.01. Whether or not or to what extent a particular loss is covered depends on the facts and circumstances of the loss and the language of the policy as issued.

Obtaining a Drought Shield insurance policy through Vortex is straight forward.
There are five simple steps:
  1. Define your risk period. For instance, if you are concerned primarily with the pollination and grain filling periods, then June 1st through September 30th might be your preferred coverage dates.
  2. Choose the RMA grid that best represents your location of interest. All RMA grids are identifiable on the Vortex Insurance Agency website or call us directly and we will help you locate your grid.
  3. Choose the upper level of the Rainfall Index which would commence a claim, such as less than 0.80 (80% of average rainfall), and the lower level at which you need the policy to pay the limit of insurance, such as 0.50 (50% of average rainfall).
  4. Choose the limit of insurance needed. If you need $300 per acre of insurance coverage, and have 500 acres to insure, your insurance limit is $150,000.
  5. Bind insurance coverage by completing an Application and submitting your premium.
    It’s that simple.
Does Your Crop Insurance Provide Enough Coverage?
With constantly improving genetics, has the level of the Actual Production History (APH) Yield Guarantee for your county kept pace with your actual yields? What is the difference in the cost-per-acre between the lowest level of coverage and the upper level of coverage? How does that cost difference compare to the amount of additional insurance purchased? Choosing a lower level of crop insurance coverage and supplementing that with a Drought Shield insurance policy from Vortex may be a better choice!

A Drought Shield policy may be purchased to address differences between the RMA defined APH yield guarantee and your APH yield. If your farm’s APH is 180 bushels, why be limited by a 130 bushel level? A Drought Shield policy is available to provide additional coverage beyond that offered by the RMA.

Product availability subject to licensing by jurisdiction. Insurance underwritten by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance USA Inc., a member insurer of the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group. Weather insurance product not available in all jurisdictions. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, 15 Independence Boulevard, P.O. Box 4602, Warren, New Jersey 07059-0602