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If you know weather affects your business or event, let us assist you in arranging a weather insurance policy to meet your unique needs. If you have always wondered about the impact of weather on your business, let us assist you in understanding that relationship and, more importantly, neutralizing the impact! We’d love to help you translate weather into an understandable and controllable financial component of your business operation.

Why weather insurance?
To help stabilize the budget, to help cover expenses, or to help recover revenue. Vortex Insurance Agency offers weather insurance products that can insure against snow, rain, wind, and temperature events in any combination, over any time period and at any location in the United States.We offer unique solutions. Perhaps simply insuring against too much rain is not the answer for you. Instead, it may be the total of “rainy days” that represents a hazard and you would like a policy that helps protect against a fixed number of days with rainfall greater than a quarter-inch. We can do that. Perhaps you are less concerned about the weekdays, and only need weather insurance for weekend days and holidays. We can do that. Do you need to exclude days in which the maximum temperature exceeds 80 degrees? What about insuring against too much snow or temperatures that are too cold? We can do that too. We can handle all of these situations and other unique weather insurance requirements associated with your business.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, the core team at Vortex has been in the business of helping others manage weather risk since the 1990s. We were a vital part of the creation and growth of the weather risk management industry. Since that time, our team has been party to thousands of weather risk transfers. Our meteorologists have decades of combined professional experience and bring a background of weather expertise that spans the globe; from the Tropical Oceans and from Pole-to-Pole. At Vortex, we know how to manage weather risk, and this expertise coupled with the talents of other team members and our attention to detail, makes the acquisition of a weather insurance policy a painless process.

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