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Vortex Snow Insurance for Ski Resorts

You Can’t Ski Without Snow
Ski resorts depend on snow; thus, a lack of snow directly affects the revenue and expenses of that ski resort. Every ski resort hopes to get an early start to the season, or have an abundance of snow for the Holiday period. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Despite this, a Vortex snow insurance policy can help control costs associated with snowmaking, revenue shortfalls caused by poor conditions and other weather driven costs, expenses or difficulties. With a Vortex snow insurance policy, you can take Mother Nature out of the equation.

You Choose the Type of Snow Coverage You Need
Seasonal snow-accumulation coverage
This type of insurance can insure against too little snow leading up to and including the peak ski periods, or for the entire winter season. If the sum of the daily snowfall during the coverage period does not exceed the level defined in the policy, a payment is made to the policyholder. You choose the total amount of snow that will be needed to support operations, and the policy will be designed to make a payment in the event that snowfall level is not reached.

Event/promotional snow insurance
Is there a large ski competition at your resort? Or perhaps, you just want to insure the key holiday weekends or a special promotional opportunity? Special events and weekends are highly profitable times and undesirable weather could be detrimental to the bottom line. A snow insurance policy leaves you in control. Additionally, unique promotions can be designed around weather events to increase revenues, such as a partial or full refund for early season pass purchasers or those that book their winter get-away far in advance if it snows twelve inches or more on New Year’s Day. These weather promotions can drive sales during periods that have not historically produced high sales volumes. Vortex can provide a snow insurance policy that covers those specific times of highest concern and support weather related promotional activities.

Seasonal temperature insurance
Do you traditionally make snow prior to the start of the ski season, and have found in some years past that warm temperatures have made those efforts challenging? Vortex offers temperature insurance to offset additional costs caused by excessive warmth, or even lost revenues resulting from unfavorable snow, or snowmaking conditions, caused by high temperatures.

Unique snow insurance
If your needs are even more unique, Vortex has solutions for you as well. Has rain caused issues in the past? Vortex offers rain insurance to address those concerns. Perhaps you are concerned about a lack of daily snowfall AND temperatures that are too warm while the ski resort is operating; Vortex offers insurance solutions that can cover both of these concerns, or any other combination of weather driven contingency, in a single weather insurance policy.

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Call one of our licensed agents and let us generate a quote for a Vortex insurance policy that addresses your own unique concerns. If you aren’t quite sure how it can work for your business, call today for more information. A call to Vortex could be your first step towards peace of mind and a balanced budget.

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